Saturday, August 13, 2011

Keperibadian Maria Montessori

Di dalam buku yang ditulis oleh Kramer,R. bertajuk Maria Montessori menyatakan tentang keperibadian kehidupan Montessori:

"As far as personal relationships that Maria had, it is mentioned in Kramer (1976) that she had a son, Mario, with a colleague named Dr. Montesano. Why they did not marry is very unclear. Apparently his family and Maria herself were opposed to marriage. Kramer must have had the chance to speak with Mario. He said he was sent to a wet nurse in the country after he was born. He believes it was a plan urged by the couple's mothers to keep the birth a secret. Mario was raised by a family in the countryside of Rome and his mother would visit every once in a while. It was mentioned in Kramer (1976) that Maria and Dr. Montesano agreed to never marry, but Dr. Montesano eventually married someone else. Mario married and had four children, Marilena, Mario Jr., Renilde, and Rolando."

Glosori dan Terjemahan
born: lahir
colleague: rakan, kawan sekerja/sekuliah
country: desa, kampung
opposed: menentang
personal relationships: hubungan sulit
to keep the birth secret: untuk merahsiakan kelahiran
urged: dorongan
wet nurse: wanita yang dibayar untuk menjaga bayi wanita lain dan menyusukannya

Cuba renungkan apakah moralnya?
Imam Al Ghazali mengatakan: "Pengasuh kanak-kanak terdiri daripada wanita yang mulia tingkahlakunya dan kuat agama."

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